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A collection of mostly analog photography. All photos are taken by me unless otherwise noted. If you find something you enjoy here, I encourage you to heart or reblog. Enjoy!.

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CTA on Flickr.

Nathan after the Snow on Flickr.

This is where we live.

Under the Calder on Flickr.

Chicago on Flickr.


There’s a high-rise jail in Chicago’s Loop.  It’s tall and brown and has tiny slits for windows.  Outside their doors, where I imagine prisoners are released, there’s this little strip of forgotten Chicago.  While clean, modern, building surround this area, this little strip remains to serve men down on their luck.  Hotel (for men only), pawn shops, comfort food, and liquor stores.  Welcome back to the city, boys.


Check out the music video I directed for Buffalo Moon’s latest single “Machista”

Great song, great song, great album.  Love!

Chicago on Flickr.

Chicago on Flickr.

Moo & Oink on Flickr.

As the story goes, this big building was scheduled to be razed.  And when they pulled off the facade, they found the vintage  signs underneath completely in tact.  I wonder if it’s been torn down yet….?

The House on the Rock on Flickr.

The so-called largest carousel in the world.  House on the Rock is so dark it’s so difficult to get photos there, but this one was quite fun.

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